Our history

In 1975 Jaime Sarrà L, founding partner of NAI Sarrà, joined the real estate business as administrator of offices and commercial premises in Santiago de Chile, later forming the company SADESA, which years later became the only and most important administrator of “buildings” smart “existing in Chile.

In 1996, Jaime Sarrà L. founded a new company called Jaime Sarrà Propiedades Ltda., Specialized in real estate property and services brokerage for the office and retail sector in Santiago.

Demonstrating strong leadership at the national level, NAI Global offers Jaime Sarrà Properties to be part of one of the largest real estate services networks in the world. In 2006, the company joins the global NAI Global network and transforms into what, until now, is known as NAI Sarrà.

In 2008, NAI Sarrà wins the “NAI GLOBAL member of year, Latin America and the Caribbean” award, for its outstanding performance in the Latin American region.

In 2013, NAI Sarrà wins the ACOP Chile Award as the most outstanding property broker of the year.

At present, NAI Sarrà is one of the main players in the real estate market in Chile, managing a large part of the transactions and leases in Santiago and being frequently consulted by the most important media in the country. Take advantage of our experience!

Mission and vision

COMPREHENSIVE CORPORATE STRUCTURE – NAI Sarrà has a diverse team of professionals with real estate experience and execution capacity. In addition to the multi-disciplinary team of brokers who follow up on the business, we have a powerful transactional support structure that includes financial analysis, legal area, architecture, marketing, research, among other services, which allows us to accompany the client in specific aspects. and technicians until the closing of the businesses.


INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS – Our clients require the most creative solutions for their real estate needs. Our professionals are committed to formulate effective, low cost financial solutions and always aligned with the reality of the local market to meet these objectives.


RESULTS – The reputation of our professionals is based on the achievement of excellent results. In NAI Sarrà we try to achieve a level of success that far exceeds the level of the industry, because our focus is customer satisfaction.


PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE – We are committed to advising, guiding and concretizing the projects of our clients with the highest level of professionalism and using our experience as a guarantee of quality. We execute transactions from the customer’s point of view, taking your investment seriously as if it were our own capital. Each project will be reviewed in depth, including financial, operational, environmental and real estate factors. Our strength will be demonstrated in rigorous due diligence, careful market analysis and through our knowledge of the real estate industry.


VALUABLE TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS – At NAI Sarrà we are convinced that our professionals are our most valuable asset because we understand that success is in having the best work team. The dedication to provide the best real estate service fosters a positive and gratifying work environment and, as a consequence, a high-quality service for the benefit of our clients.