Why Nai Sarrà?

1,4 Billions Volume transactions (USD)
1211000 Commercialized surface
1470 Properties in our portfolio
43 Years Experience in Chile

Our Clients


"NAI Sarrà has helped to professionalize the real estate market in Chile, we are partners because we understand the business in the same way. NAI Sarrà's relationship with Independencia dates back to the end of the 90s and within the large operations that Independencia has had, the work of NAI Sarrà in the placement of the Plaza Constitución building in 2002 was key "

Fernando Sánchez T.

Chief Executive Officer, Independencia AGF
"NAI Sarrà is characterized by fully understanding our needs and being able to offer us exactly what we are looking for, we are not treated as a customer anymore, but we feel we are being cared for in a personalized way. In addition, NAI Sarrà is characterized by having a lot of experience in the market and a large network of relevant contacts. "

Ramiro Figueroa Araya

Head of Real Estate Investment, IM Zurich Chile
"Torre Alto Oriente and Torre Alto el Golf office buildings that we develop at Inmobiliaria Atacama are marketed through NAI Sarrà, receiving a very professional service since they fully complied with the order we made them"

Hernán Guiloff

Managing Partner, Inmobiliaria Atacama
"NAI Sarrà has a very interesting client portfolio for the type of product that we offer, both in the office market and commercial premises"

Alberto Ureta

Chief Executive Officer, Nialem